Donuts On Demand

Most people struggle to find delicious treats that align with their dietary needs. We started Fossil Fuel to create the oxymoron; individually packaged, healthy donuts, so you won’t have to question on-the-go snacking again! 


As our company grows, we’ve been able to turn long term goals into reality. We’re working on becoming even more accessible to our customers….so you never have to scarifies health for a quick bite on the run.


You know the feeling of wanting a donut, but not knowing where to go OR if it’s worth driving across town JUST to see if they have your favorite flavor in stock?? 


We LOVE having our freezer stocked and wanted to share the privilege with you.


We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our NEW subscription service. 


Donuts. Delivered. Directly. Every. Month. 


…..and we haven’t even shared the best part yet…..


Our subscription boxes come with FREE SHIPPING. That's right, you will never have to pay for shipping again!


Choose between a 10 or 20-pack and customize your flavors each month, ALWAYS ensuring you can find your favorites <3 

If you already purchase 10 or more donuts a month, this deal is a no brainer! 


Click the button below and lock in your spot! 


Excited to make healthy snacking more accessible for all <3 

If you have an existing subscription and would like to make changes to your account, please use the form below to request the changes, or email directly. Thank you!