The Fossil Fuel Collective

The Fossil Fuel Collective started in Alaska by 5 individuals who wanted to see a few simple (yet, major) changes in big food.


 1. No more health halo products!! Ex: sugar packed energy bars with little nutritional value. Claiming to be “all natural & healthy”, but leaving us with nothing but a sugar crash and low energy levels.


2. Complete transparency! Fed-up with big food's negative global impact on health and quality of life. Specifically in locations where individuals don’t have access to information on what they’re consuming.


3. Shift the industry to care as much about the quality of products as the bottom line.


So, we came up with Fossil Fuel Donuts. A product to stand for the changes we want to see.


With more knowledge available now than ever before, we hope consumers are also ready to stand up against big food. Every dollar spent is a vote for the future we want to see. Through something as friendly and approachable as a donut, we stand for a cause much larger.


Packed with superfood ingredients and healthy fats, Fossil Fuel donuts will keep you running on a full tank for hours, avoiding the dreaded sugar crash.


We have a hard time trusting big food brands. Hearing about scandals in the industry causes us to question what else they aren’t telling us. What are we actually putting in our bodies?


We've intentionally selected every ingredient to provide quality taste and high nutritional value. Our promise is to never compromise the value of our products by using low quality ingredients or additives.


Our faith lies within the power of the people to get behind honest products and create a major impact. We hope to earn your trust and partner with you in the success of your everyday life.


What you eat impacts all aspects of life and we know it’s hard to smash goals without proper nutrition. We want to be here for you - to help keep you motivated and running at peak potential. To provide the solution when you find yourself in a pinch. To be the change you want to see in the world.


Let’s show them what’s possible.

 Alexa  & Jordon

Co- Founders 


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