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The Fossil Fuel Collective

The idea was born when Alexa and Jordon (founders) were on a backpacking trip to South America. It became clear to the couple how much our nation’s eating habits also influence the rest of the world. When there was nothing better to get but Oreos and Coca Cola, they knew something had to be done. Tired of having to compromise dietary goals for a quick snack on-the-go led to the birth of Fossil Fuel Donuts in January of 2018. 


Fossil Fuel uses only the highest quality ingredients which will enhance energy throughout the day. Based off the Keto diet, the high fat content from coconut oil and plant-based butter will keep you running at peak performance, without the crash normally felt by sugar loaded energy bars.


Fossil Fuel Donuts are based in Alaska and hand made in small batch quantities with love. Free of dairy, gluten, soy, egg, GMO and preservatives, we rely on temperature control to keep our product fresh from bakery to consumer. 


Alexa believes the easiest way to start shifting your lifestyle is to choose the “better for you" option of what you’re already eating  "this is why I chose the donut; an extremely approachable baked good which everyone loves, simply made good for you." 


The founder’s mission is to empower a movement of those who aim to cure disease through prevention, rather than treatment. Quality of ingredients and our end product is our number one value - to ensure you will never have to question the integrity of our company. Join the movement of reversing our nation’s health trajectory one donut at a time.