The Fossil Fuel Collective

Founded in Alaska, Fossil Fuel, knows what it takes to power life in the extremes. In 2019 Fossil Fuel

relocated to Boulder, CO ready to inspire a whole new community of healthy eaters.


At Fossil Fuel, we’re big believers in what’s possible. That if you want it, you should get after it. (Yup, you.)

We’re enthusiasts. We’re optimists. We’re a team of hell-bent “why not?”ers working tirelessly to make

food products we can stand by.

For us, it starts with one damn good donut. Good looking, good tasting and, wait for it -- good for you.

(Intrigued? Read on.)

Our snacks are packed with superfoods and healthy fats to fuel your workout, your work day, or your day

off. Unlike chalky and sugar-laden energy bars, we’re soft and we’re sweet enough to satisfy, yet still

ridiculously low in sugar.

We believed in a better snack, and we worked until we got it right. For you, for us, and for the future of

food everywhere.

We don’t compromise, you don’t compromise. Got it? Good.

Pack it. Snack it. Taste the possibility.


 Alexa  & Jordon

Co - Founders